Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes

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$20 from every copy of Through Her Eyes sold during December will be donated to a charies who support the rescue and retrieval of animals injured in bush fires. 

Through Her Eyes

“My intention for Through Her Eyes is that it ignites a self-acceptance movement that radiates far beyond those who read its pages.’’ - Libby Tozer

Through Her Eyes explores common threads that women experience throughout their lives, highlighting moments any ‘she’could experience.This book is raw, heartbreaking, expansive and beautiful. It is a witnessing of womanhood and a true celebration of the many facets that make our bodies spectacular and unique.Inspired by the feminine collective, from our shared experiences, Through Her Eyes plants a seed to activate real change, not only for ourselves but for those who surround us.The presentation of Through Her Eyes is the culmination of five years’ work. Many women have contributed their hearts, bodies and experiences and shared a glimpse into their lives for this book to become a reality.

Through Her Eyes beautiful Editor Micheel said,

“I'm honoured to be a part of this visionary project. Reading and editing these stories has been a magical journey for me. It's like looking in a mirror and seeing only beauty. 

'Through Her Eyes'. It is a story for the women of our time, a story of opening our hearts and loving our bodies and ourselves exactly as we are, of being right here, right now in our lives”. “Lots of love and deepest wishes for this work to radiate far and wide, transforming us into a new way of being”.


Through Her Eyes foreword as written by Esther Thorne

Like so many women I have stood in front of a full length mirror consumed by self-loathing. “If only my breasts were perkier, my tummy flatter and my thighs thinner”, my inner voice would say on repeat. But what if I could see myself through diff erent eyes? Would I then appreciate the belly my four children grew in, the breasts that nourished them and the legs strong enough to chase after them?Through Her Eyes off ers the opportunity for a diff erent discourse about body image and a chance for all girls and women to take the first few tentative steps towards self-acceptance. In a world beset with ‘photoshopped’ and filtered images, it’s a refreshing change to see the unaltered beauty and strength of women’s bodies; in all ages, shapes and stages. With beautiful prose and breathtaking images, Libby Tozer gently tackles some of the most painful, and most joyful experiences of what it means to be a woman.When Libby first shared with me her desire to write Through Her Eyes, I was impressed by her courage and ambition, but I didn’t fully grasp the magnitude of what she was about to embark on. Then, when I saw the joy on the faces of the women who bared their bodies and souls for Libby, I started to understand that Libby was doing far more than creating a beautiful book. Libby was birthing a movement that would send a ripple of positivity and acceptance into the lives of women for generations to come. I truly hope that Through Her Eyes will herald a new respect for the bodies that have born each new generation. Thanks to Libby’s tenacity and drive, I believe one day my daughters will look in the mirror and love wholeheartedly the strong women looking back at them.— ESTHER THORN