She Is Me Movement

The She Is Me Movement is a social enterprise founded by Libby Tozer. 

A woman stood with her feet planted into the earth connectecting herself to all that has been and all that ever will be. To her left stood another woman, this woman was proud, wise, loving and kind. To her right another woman stood beside her, however this woman was unstable, she was broken and had lost the ability to trust herself and to believe in her inner voice. Her own wisdom could no longer call loud enough for her to hear.

Behind these women stretching back through time, stood the many women who had held their hands, leading the way before them. The woman could feel the spirit of her ancestors. She was able to see parts of herself in the woman to her left recognising her wisdom and beauty, yet she also recognised parts of her own being in the woman to her right. Understanding her self imposed guilt and self doubt as she too had felt the pain that stained that woman’s smile.

Before the women stood the new children of these lands. Children who looked upon the women to nuture and love them, to show them how to love and repect themsleves so they too could develop these qualities within their own beings.

The children who stood before the women were to become the change makers. Creating from a space of self love, joy and empowerment. Their lives would be different from those who had walked their paths before them, they would be more open, more expansive and joyous.

This was all becoming possible because the woman who had taken a chance, had breathed in deeply and began to accept herself exactly as she is, was and will be.

That woman in the center of the circle is the pebble of hope that began a ripple in the pond.

This is the She Is Me Movement and we invite you to be the woman, the pebble of hope creating a ripple that reaches out far beyond your own pond.


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Group Photo Shoots

Each season the women of the She Is Me Movement will be invited to join together for one of our “life changing” photo shoots, these shoots attract a range of women in all stages of their self acceptance journey.

The group photos contribute to our annual calendar, part proceeds of which are donanted to some amazing charities.

For more information about joining one of our shoots, sign up for our newsletter and we will send you the details of our next shoot when they become available.

The Tummy Tales - contact us to be involved in the second book of Series. Spaces fill up fast.

She Is Me Festival
The 2019 She Is Me Festival featuring an amazing line up of all female led singer song writers was a sold out success. In 2020 the She Is Me Festival will continue.. Watch this space...