Libby Tozer is a freelance photographer who’s work is driven by her passion to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin.

In 2019 Libby’s photographs have been exhibited across numerous galleries and published in her second book Through Her Eyes.

Through her photography Libby aims to capture a story, your story.

Photo shoots can be tailored for individuals or groups. Specialising in female nudes, group and individual shots in nature, she will help you to create something magical that truly honours and captures your spirit.


For some time I've struggled with my body image. In my childhood I witnessed my Mother being psychologically abused about her weight; being body shamed regularly.

I've known intellectually that my body is my own and its beautiful but in my heart and feelings, I've not felt this.

“The photo shoot with Libby was a step in the right direction. It was the most fun I've had in years! So hilarious and through the process: from Libby reading her amazing work to disrobing and climbing hills in the nude, it was a special day! Hilarious all the way and so so meaningful. To be accepted and loved whilst naked and have so much fun too, was a massive boost to my self confidence and to my role as a modern woman with a regular, ordinary body. We all have beautiful bodies in our own ways and seeing a group of naked women, each with different shapes and sizes was such a blessing. I'm so glad Libby is doing this project and I hope from the depth of my soul that our daughters will grow up with more acceptance and love for their bodies than my generation could every dream of.”


“Libby you have shifted my attitude about my body image and will/have touched the lives of many more”.


“The photo shoot released those self conscious thoughts as we broke through the other side to see that no matter what shape or form, we are all very beautiful in our own way. I think it is very important to teach our Daughters to love the skin you're in”

Popular photo packages include;

~ Little Bloosom Shoots - from $333

(shoots for children, mum and bub shoots, family shoots)

~ Botanical rights of passage shoots - from $359

(great for teenagers, milestones birthdays, hens shows, first moon cycle shoot, maternity photos).


~ Maternity water shoots - from $399

- Surfing shoots - from $399

~ Your tribe Shoots - from $589

(this is for a group women)

Event photography from $600

Birth Photography - from $1800


Libbys’ photography can be accesed via private appointmennt with a tailored standard package starting at $339 packages includes 10 edited photos, travel in either direcon with one hour of Willunga, South Australia and prints can be ordered at an additional fee. All packages are subject to change and availability.

As each photo shoot is unique ist best to either phone Libby on 0416 300 036 for use the contact page to gain a more detailed quote.

Libby also offers ‘retreat find your tribe days’ these are a great way to access her photography and embed yourslef in the experience that the She Is Me Movement offers. For more infromation suscribe to the newsletter.